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Human experience is critical to business. Companies spend millions on sales, marketing and training to bring their brand to life, often without insight into how effective any of it is. Secret Shopper Inc is the solution. Our multi-national services help businesses to measure, analyze and refocus what they expect from their designed brand experiences.

Our Services

At Market Spies company, we offer a wide range of services designed to help businesses improve their customer experience and overall performance. We measure, manage and improve the experiences your customers encounter with your employees, facilities, products and technologies.


We understand that customer satisfaction is crucial to the success of any business. Our services will help you find out what it's really like to do business with you in person, over the phone, online, or via your mobile application. Our team of expert mystery shoppers will provide you with valuable insights into the customer experience, which will help you identify areas of improvement and enhance the overall quality of your service. Whether you're a small business or a large corporation, our services can be tailored to meet your needs.


Market Spies's proprietary analytics practice uses internal and external enterprise data to uncover quantifiable connections between performance and sales growth. Our team of PhDs and data scientists use statistical models, machine learning and AI to give every location a personalized roadmap to success. Our team and technology do all of the heavy lifting so that each location can simply focus on the 3-5 things that matter most to drive increased sales and profits. Get started with a single initiative or bundle all analytics services together to maximize enterprise value while minimizing costs.


Our survey program is a powerful tool that will help you gain a better understanding of your customers' experience with your brand, allowing you to make informed business decisions to improve your offerings and services. With this program, you'll gain valuable insights on customer satisfaction, trends, and preferences that will help you achieve greater success.

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Mystery Shopper Services

On-Site Mystery Shops

Our professional services can help you measure and improve the customer experience at your business. Markets Spies has a team of experienced evaluators who conduct anonymous visits to your business to assess the quality of your customer service, cleanliness, and other key performance indicators. Our detailed reports can help you identify areas for improvement and make the necessary adjustments to enhance your customer experience.

Telephone mystery shops

One of the key elements that many businesses are failing in is the level of service and sales that are given over the phone. Our services enable you to strengthen your customer service experience, improve your brand reputation, and increase your sales by understanding the real-time experiences of your customers. Through our professionally trained evaluators, we are able to provide quality feedback and report on what customers are experiencing when they interact with your business. We believe that our Telephone Mystery Shop programs can benefit your business in numerous ways.

Web Surveys

Through our web survey program, you can collect feedback from your target audience quickly and easily. We use advanced analytics and reporting tools to turn survey responses into actionable insights. This way, you can make data-driven decisions that will help grow your business.

The Market Spies ADVANTAGE

Our Experts Give You the Edge

As one of the nation’s first and largest mystery shopping service providers, Market Spies has made significant contributions to legitimizing mystery shopping as powerful research. We pride ourselves on continually leading and changing the landscape of our industry with proven and innovative mystery shopping, intercept interviewing, compliance auditing, customer satisfaction surveys and panel/focus group services. Working with Fortune 500/100/50 companies and a variety of other businesses in a wide range of industries, we dedicate our team and resources to ensure you feel valued and to support our goal of making personal connections with each and every client. You will find that we thoroughly understand operations, technology and research, and we know what it takes to manage a successful customer-experience program.

Who We Are

Since our founding, MARKET SPIES has built a reputation on delivering onsite, actionable intelligence our clients can trust to make crucial business decisions. We are passionate about assisting your team in delivering a world-class experience for your customers at every touchpoint. The future belongs to companies that can effectively engage and enhance customer satisfaction through various digital platforms and brick-and-mortar operations. Discover a full spectrum of market research services performed with the highest level of integrity with MARKET SPIES. ​

MARKET SPIES® has been in business since 1990. We are a charter member of the Mystery Shopping Provider's Association (MSPA), the professional trade association for the Mystery Shopping industry. There is no charge to apply to be a MARKET SPIES® and information is protected on our secure website ​

We have MARKET SPIES (mystery shopping), merchandising, and on-site evaluation opportunities throughout the globe in Africa, the Americas, Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and Oceania. Join the millions of shoppers, merchandisers, and evaluators that have registered on our platform, performing millions of evaluations across the planet. If you are a reliable, articulate, observant person, we invite you to register with MARKET SPIES® by signing up now

Leadership Team

With deep industry expertise and decades of experience in the sectors we serve, our team works directly with clients to deliver unparalleled business results. We’ve built our organization around highly experienced professionals with proven track records of success.



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